Becoming Who You Truly Long To Be!

As a holistic and depth oriented therapist, my role is to support my clients in finding wholeness — mind, body, and spirit — creating more joy, ease, and healthy relationships. I help my clients remember their empowered authentic voice and “tap back in” to their true self.

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Embracing Joy Offerings

Curious about therapy?

Whether this is your first time reaching out for support or you have tried therapy before, learn more about my approach here…


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My Approach

Through an intuitive, experiential, and collaborative approach, I help my clients cultivate a deepening of compassion for themselves and others.


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Resources, Links, Books.

Looking for some supplemental support? Check out these resources, books and recommendations.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions I get asked by clients about my psychotherapy services.


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Melissa ensures that she is the right therapist for your needs from the start. Her compassionate approach has enabled me to find the joy and courage needed to make positive decisions. I could not recommend her more highly.



Melissa has helped me tremendously through the years with counseling. She is kind, compassionate, insightful and has a good sense of humor. I felt comfortable with her right away and liked that she worked with mostly women around my age. I would recommend her to any of my friends or anyone who wants support.



Melissa is a wonderful person who will immediately put you at ease. She is a compassionate and kind-hearted person who can offer valuable insight to the challenges women face today.  She offers a safe and caring environment during what can be an otherwise vulnerable experience in life.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support or clarity in whatever is troubling them.



I feel so lucky to have worked with Melissa. She is warm, insightful, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. She is a fantastic therapist and I would highly recommend her.


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