About Psychotherapy

How Psychotherapy Can Help You:

I am an LMFT with a private practice in Midtown, NYC, offering holistic, integrative, and somatic psychotherapy. My role as a therapist is to support my clients in finding wholeness- body, mind, and spirit. I am an authentic, integrated, and a somatic psychotherapist who blends east and west ways of working. I help my clients feel more connected with their bodies and in tune with their needs and intuition. I bring mindfulness, compassion, and a grounded presence in working with my clients.

My passion is working with women in their 20’s and 30’s who are struggling with finding their authentic voice. So much happens during this time of life. Often people are left feeling anxious or depressed. Also during this time, different life events could be happening; job transitions, finding a partner, going through a breakup, getting pregnant or having a baby, or getting married. These are significant events in our lives and psychotherapy can help.

I studied at Integral Counseling Psychology at The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I am trained in a body-centered (Somatic) psychotherapy (Hakomi), Psychodynamics, and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) which focuses on healing the wounded parts of ourselves through healthy attachment.

My work is informed by many years of studying Buddhist meditation, reiki, dance, yoga, and travel.

Curious About Therapy?

If you are considering psychotherapy, please sign up to book a FREE 20 minute phone consultation online here. You can also reach me at 212-330-6867.


Melissa ensures that she is the right therapist for your needs from the start. Her compassionate approach has enabled me to find the joy and courage needed to make positive decisions. I could not recommend her more highly.


Melissa is a wonderful person who will immediately put you at ease. She is a compassionate and kind-hearted person who can offer valuable insight to the challenges women face today.  She offers a safe and caring environment during what can be an otherwise vulnerable experience in life.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support or clarity in whatever is troubling them.


Melissa is an engaging, compassionate, compassionate, insightful, and intuitive therapist. She is a true professional and has great integrity. I have known Melissa for several years and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking support.


I have recommended many of my female friends to Melissa when they needed to tweak or talk about a difficult situation and they have come back with not only glowing reviews, but actually glowing. She is compassionate and sincere and I highly recommend her.


Melissa ensures that she is the right therapist for your needs from the start. Her compassionate approach has enabled me to find the joy and courage needed to make positive decisions. I could not recommend her more highly.


Melissa is a skilled and insightful therapist who brings a lot of mindfulness and compassion to her practice. I have known Melissa Thompson for 10 years and in this time I have witnessed the profound affect she has on her clients. Melissa brings a grounded reliable presence to her work while at the same time inspires safety, ease, and joy in the therapeutic relationship. I have referred many clients to Melissa without reservation and would highly recommend her as a sound professional therapist.


Melissa is a wonderfully kind, compassionate, and attentive listener who has supported me in thinking through a number of personal struggles. In my experience, she’s particularly well attuned to issues with family, motherhood, and relationships. She asks great questions, offers feedback when solicited, and has really helped me to get unstuck. She is a true professional, but more importantly a genuinely lovely human being. I would recommend her highly.


Melissa has helped me tremendously through the years with counseling. She is kind, compassionate, insightful and has a good sense of humor. I felt comfortable with her right away and liked that she worked with mostly women around my age. I would recommend her to any of my friends or anyone who wants support.


Melissa is a wonderful blend of head, heart, and intuitive knowing. She has deep compassion and can make space for all parts of her clients. She is professional, well informed, and honest, as well as being safe and loving. As a fellow professional in the field, I can confidently say that Melissa is a fantastic choice for psychotherapy. If you’re looking for a safe place to explore whatever is troubling you, Melissa can help.


I feel so lucky to have worked with Melissa. She is warm, insightful, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. She is a fantastic therapist and I would highly recommend her.


Melissa’s holistic approach to psychotherapy is a breath of fresh air in NYC. Highly trained in various mindfulness and transpersonal modalities, she supports women and mothers in better understanding themselves and living more authentically. I refer clients to her without hesitation knowing they are in experienced hands.