Affordable Healing: Finding Your Perfect Sliding Scale Therapist in New York City


If you have ever struggled with mental health issues and reached out for a therapist, you know how daunting it can be. However, finding the right fit at a cost you can afford is also part of the puzzle to making therapy work for you. That’s why I’m excited to…

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The Long, Dark Road of Depression – Will It Last Forever?


Have you been struggling with depression but can’t get anywhere? Are you worried that your depression will last forever with no hope in sight? For sufferers, the road of depression can certainly seem long and dark, without end. However, it is also important to know that there is hope at…

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Mindfulness: 10 Reasons Why It’s Great for Mind and Body


If there was a simple way to improve your mind and body, would you do it? The good news is that there is a simple way! — It’s called mindfulness. Although it has taken the internet by storm, the practice of mindfulness has been around for centuries. What it all…

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Winter is Coming – 6 Ways Mindfulness Practices Can Light Your Spirit


The approach of winter months may cause you to dread more than just colder weather. If you’re like others who face seasonal depression, the cool breezes provide a nasty reminder that a long battle may await you. However, you can lessen the struggle with a good strategy. Although winter is…

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The Art of Surrender


Surrender is not defeat. Surrender is not giving up. Surrender is ‘allowing’ in the moment. Each day, and more specifically each moment, we have an opportunity to practice the art of surrendering. Whether we are late for an appointment, waiting for a train, or feeling overwhelmed by life, we have…

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Postpartum Depression; A New York Times Article


Postpartum depression affects so many new mothers, yet so many new moms feel so much shame in finding support and help. Below is an article and video on postpartum depression from the New York Times. Can we eliminate the shame and normalize all the feelings surrounding birth?

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