Mindfulness: 10 Reasons Why It’s Great for Mind and Body

If there was a simple way to improve your mind and body, would you do it?

The good news is that there is a simple way! — It’s called mindfulness.

Although it has taken the internet by storm, the practice of mindfulness has been around for centuries. What it all boils down to is living deliberately by being acutely aware of yourself and your environment.

It seems too simple to be true, right? But the benefits run the gamut.

Why Is Mindfulness Great for Your Mind and Body?

Here are ten reasons:

1. Encourages Deep Sleep

Stress is the biggest thief of a good night’s rest. It can cause your thoughts to feel scattered and out of control. This often results in restless sleep and still feeling tired upon awakening.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, helps to manage your busy mind by validating and then releasing each thought so you can settle down for some much-needed sleep.

2. Helps You Live in the Moment

Like mentioned before, mindfulness is a state of mind focusing on being more aware of yourself and your environment at the present moment. Not only does it bring your full attention to moments that are currently happening, but it helps those moments to be more vibrant than they normally would be.

3. Reduces Stress

There are many things surrounding you on a daily basis that could easily stress you out. But, it’s also up to you to determine what is and what isn’t stressful.

One significant reason mindfulness is great for your mind and body is that it can help you to see things differently. Rather than reacting to situations, mindfulness empowers you to respond calmly and feel less stressed.

4. Stabilizes Your Mood

In addition to reducing stress, mindfulness can help to maintain your mood. It’s easy to feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride when it comes to how you feel. It can be frustrating to experience your moods go up and down.

Mindfulness, however, can put an end to that instability. It can make you feel more even-keeled throughout your body and mind.

5. Allows You to More Easily Experience the Good in Life

It goes without saying that when you enjoy life, you feel it fully in both your mind and body. But, enjoying any good in your life can prove to be difficult when it’s clouded by the mundane busyness of a daily schedule.

Mindfulness helps you to look past the mundane and experience life beyond the everyday humdrum. When you’re more aware of yourself and your environment, things become more vibrant. It’s like going from a fuzzy, black and white boob tube to a new, ultra-sharp HD color TV.

6. Reduces Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression run wide and deep. In fact, both your mind and body will probably feel the heavy weight of depression.

Mindfulness can help to achieve a state of relaxation rather than an anxiety-stricken and stressed state of being. By welcoming calmness into your life, you will also help yourself to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of depression.

7. Boosts Your Immune System

Science supports the notion that negativity and stress weaken your immune system. In helping your body and mind experience less stress, you improve your health by increasing the likelihood of a strong immune system.

Stress is even known to cause skin rashes, headaches, and digestive problems. Mindfulness can help alleviate these ailments and make way for your body to focus on thriving instead of always playing catch-up.

8. Decreases Reactivity

When you feel stressed and anxious, it’s easy to react to situations or people. Lashing out isn’t uncommon for those experiencing stress.

Mindfulness helps to take away the negative prodding you have to react in a harmful way. It enables you to have more self-control and better manage situations that come your way.

9. Improves Your Level of Focus

The difference between your mind and body is that while your body is always in the present, your mind is easily drawn elsewhere. Mindfulness helps to keep your mind and body on the same page.

It becomes easier to stay focused on the here and now when you pay attention to your body. Your body feels what’s happening right now, and your mind can too when you give it that space.

10. Your Body Anchors Your Mind

By paying special attention to what’s going on in your body, you naturally become earth-bound. What this means is the bodily awareness has an anchoring effect. So, during times when your mind can seem to float away with you, this grounding effect can be a nice counterbalance.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of mindfulness, don’t hesitate. There are many great reasons to allow mindfulness into your life, aside from those mentioned above. Please, contact me. I would love to help you accomplish a complete lifestyle change if you’re ready for a whole new body and mind.



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