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How Does Therapy Work?


Therapy is a widely recognized tool for improving mental health, but many people are still unsure about what happens during a therapy session. Media portrayals and misconceptions about therapy can contribute to this uncertainty, leading potential clients to feel apprehensive about seeking help. In this blog, we will explore the…

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Why creating a routine can be helpful during coronavirus


The coronavirus outbreak is a global issue that is causing a lot of concerns for humans everywhere in the world. It is disrupting our lives, our economy, our finances, our social and family circles, as well as our physical and mental health. Our daily habits have changed, our life looks…

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How vulnerability can help you enhance your relationship.


Being vulnerable in a romantic relationship. Throughout my experience working in France and now in the United States, I have observed partners going from regularly fighting and talking about breaking up to being close to one another and having a strong and secure attachment bond. So, what has helped them…

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New Year, New You! – 3 Ways to Find Your Authentic Voice in 2019


To find your authentic voice, be an explorer. How so? Have you ever been to a new city and felt an undeniable vibe? Like the atmosphere was alive, breathing a certain feeling into your lungs. Some cities that come to mind are New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, San…

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How Overthinking a New Relationship Can Undermine Your Connection


The start of a fresh romance has its own unique learning curve. If you’re like most people, you may be tempted to analyze every little move. Yet, overthinking a new relationship can actually damage the authentic connection between you. Despite the intense and immediate connection that romance novels depict, usually…

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5 Easy Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence—Starting Now


Many things in life can impact your self-confidence. Think back to events in your childhood. Perhaps your parents divorced, you relocated to a new neighborhood or school, or you struggled with a physical illness or disability. In adulthood, you may have experienced a difficult relationship, dealt with a toxic work…

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Why Self-Care Is More Than a Day at the Spa


Despite the term “self-care” taking on a rather fluffy meaning nowadays, it’s far more empowering than most people believe. And self-care is more than a day at the spa. Yes, daily self-care goes far beyond sweating out stress in a sauna or taking a mud bath. Somewhere along the lines,…

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Attention, Stressed-Out People Pleasers—Read This and Relax!


As a people pleaser, you may deal with anxiety and stress by the truckloads. All the volunteering is likely burning you out. You probably don’t feel incredibly valued either. Perhaps you already know that people pleasing is rooted in low self-confidence. Essentially, as a people pleaser, you draw your self-worth…

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Are You Suffering from High-Functioning Anxiety? – 5 Tell-Tale Signs


Many people identify with the long list of common anxiety symptoms. From the racing thoughts to that notorious feeling of being on-edge, modern society has normalized these symptoms. But perhaps you’re not exactly the poster child for anxiety because you appear to have your life together. You’re organized, pay attention…

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