How Overthinking a New Relationship Can Undermine Your Connection

The start of a fresh romance has its own unique learning curve.

If you’re like most people, you may be tempted to analyze every little move. Yet, overthinking a new relationship can actually damage the authentic connection between you.

Despite the intense and immediate connection that romance novels depict, usually that initial connection is fairly sensitive. In other words, it requires a bit of nurturing.

Think of your new emotional connection as a little sapling. Although it has the potential to weather life’s future storms, what it needs right now is simply the space to expand.

So, how exactly can overthinking a new relationship spoil that special connection you may feel?

Emits Controlling Vibes

Boil down all your analyzing, and what you’re left with is a need for control. And it only makes sense. After all, most of us have been burned by the fires of love once or twice.

Although the need for control is understandable, it’s also problematic. And it stems from overthinking a new relationship.

When you replay your new flame’s words or gestures like a top detective, you’re eventually going to obsess over their motive. No matter how minuscule it may be.

What this does is emit vibes of distrust, suspicion, and emotional unintelligence. Clearly, negative vibes don’t foster any type of genuine connection.

Promotes Incorrect Assumptions

In all your detective work, there’s a good chance something will trip you up. Whether it’s a comment over text or an undefined gesture during a date, you won’t be able to figure it out.

Like most people who are overthinking a new relationship, you’ll likely come to a less than desirable conclusion about the text or gesture.

In short, analyzing your new love interest will open the doors for an assumption. You will assume this is what they meant. Or they must be this type of person based on your new assumptions.

Here’s the thing about assumptions—they’re usually wrong.

Prevents True Joy

When you get caught up overthinking a new relationship, it can be exhausting.

Really, it can drain the magic out of a new romance. Rather than giggling about the butterflies in your stomach, you’ll probably be battling worrisome thoughts.

No matter if your new date turns out to be “the one” or not, there can be a beauty in most relationships. But overthinking often strangles out this kind of romantic joy.

As mentioned before, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to new love. Avoid overthinking, and you can navigate these uncharted waters more easily.

Keeps the Blinders in Place

One of the best parts of having a new relationship is the hopeful feeling you experience about the future. You never know. This may be the person you grow old with!

On the other hand, you might not make it to a second date. The future is unwritten for you two. The only way to know is to let it play out in real life.

However, overthinking keeps your vision small, eliminating certain possibilities.

When it comes to giving your new sapling of a romance a real shot, encourage your mind to back off. Give your inner detective a vacation and opt for a more open-minded approach.

Let this one play out and enjoy the experience.

Do you have a history of overthinking when you get into a new relationship? Or are currently doing just that?

Reach out to me for support. Together, we can examine your emotions and develop a strategy to help you navigate romance in a way that feels both safe and enjoyable. To learn more about how I can help, please visit here.



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