New Year, New You! – 3 Ways to Find Your Authentic Voice in 2019

To find your authentic voice, be an explorer.

How so?

Have you ever been to a new city and felt an undeniable vibe? Like the atmosphere was alive, breathing a certain feeling into your lungs.

Some cities that come to mind are New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, San Francisco, etc. Unmentioned, of course, the hundreds of quaint little towns scattered across the map.

What do they all have in common?

They don’t try to be anything. They just are. When you enter into the city limits, you just feel them.

But, how can this help you find your authentic voice and embrace it in the new year?

By helping you to explore… you.

1. Accept Your Imperfections

If you’ve ever been to the aforementioned cities, you know full well that they are indeed imperfect. And (this likely comes as no surprise) so are you! And that’s perfectly okay.

More than okay, even. It’s actually what makes you completely and utterly unique. What’s tricky is that most of society (especially glamour mags) tend to sway you from this idea of uniqueness.

“Unique” has become the new “be like everyone else.” It’s nonsense.

In the new year, take a deep breath and a good, long look at the things about yourself that you dislike. And now, decide to love yourself anyway.

By acknowledging and accepting those disliked attributes about yourself, you invite an unrivaled rush of personal empowerment. Give it a try. It will be better than the New Year’s punch.

2. Choose the Right Crowd

The next big to-do item to find your authentic voice is crowd control.

Take inventory of the elements in your life that influence you. Perhaps, it’s the glamour magazines mentioned before. Or maybe your friends or family don’t actually uplift you. They may even be toxic.

Play the part of the mad scientist in your mind and create an ideal friend. Imagine how you’d feel in their presence. Think of the things they’d encourage you to do and how they would defend you.

It’s unlikely you’ll find this ideal support in one individual, of course. The toughest part is to choose the right crowd for you. Or un-choose the wrong one. If people, articles, movies, etc., don’t contribute to your well-being, let them go. Burning bridges is unnecessary, but you certainly need to give room for distance.

3. Establish Your North Star

Lastly, to find your authentic voice, it’s vital to set your own core values as your North Star.

This means finding out what’s truly important to you. Easier said than done, of course. With so many different voices shouting at you from all sorts of media platforms, it can be tricky to hear your own.

Plus, getting to know yourself seems like this epic and unattainable feat. But it’s not. Most of the time, it’s simply a job that requires everyone else to hush.

Tip: Ask Yourself Why

One exercise to help you along in your exploration of yourself is the series of “why” questions. This works especially well for issues, blockages, or reoccurring problems you’re facing.

Once you’ve asked yourself a “why” question about something in your life, ask why again and again. Do this five times until you get to the root issue. You’ll know it when you get there.

For example:

Q: Why do I dislike my hometown?  A: Because the faces are all the same.

Q: Why are the faces all the same to me? A: Because I’ve lived here forever.

Q: Why have I lived here forever? A: Because I can’t seem to break free.

Q: Why can’t I seem to break free? A: Because I’m unsure I’d make it anywhere else.

Q: Why am I not sure I’d make it? A: Because I don’t think I’m good enough.

The root problem is self-esteem. This is a quick way to get to the real problem. To shove away the fluff and find your authentic voice, discovering who you truly are.

To find your authentic voice is both simple and complex all at the same time. It’s almost like a floating feather. You try and try to grasp it but it keeps being swept away by the breeze created by your attempts. However, if you hold still, you can watch the feather fall gently into your palm.

If you’re ready to find your authentic voice, please contact me today. Or visit here to learn more about how I can help you in the new year.



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