First Year of Motherhood Survival Tips


Top Tips To Surviving Your First Year of Motherhood:

1. Being a new mama is messy and we are all figuring it out as we go. Each baby is different and some new moms are simply just further along than others
2. Sleep when you can-even if you can’t sleep, just rest. Sleep deprivation plays a large part in our emotional life so the more you can rest and sleep, the more grounded we feel. Even if you tell yourself, I give myself permission to rest
3. When offered help, take it! When you need it, ask for it!
4. Deep breaths during difficult situations help.
5. Set boundaries-it’s ok to say no to people visiting or friends that aren’t supportive
6. Take the pressure off yourself. Being a mom is one of the hardest job out there. If you can’t make dinner, call your friend back, or even have the energy to clean up, take the pressure off. You just had a baby! Even after a year, we still need to give ourselves some slack. Being a mom is 24/7 job!
7. Try to give your body a break. As you look down and see your tummy post baby, just remember in time, that will change too. Practice accepting your body as it is right now and remember all the amazing work it did to grow and deliver a baby.
8. Remember this time will pass. Days seem slow, but the years will fly by. Remember it does get easier.
9. Try your hardest not to compare. We judge ourselves the most harshly. Remember those around you probably aren’t judging you, especially if they have been mothers.
10. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a treat-a bath, a coffee, a massage, whatever makes you feel good. Self talk is also important. Speak as nicely as you can to yourself.
11. Take time just for you. Get outside, take a walk, have a bath (see #10), meet a friend for coffee.
12. Postpartum depression also shows up as anxiety-be around other mom’s who can relate and not judge you.
13. Join a group. There are a lot of online virtual groups or in person local groups for new moms.
14. Postpartum recovery is a strange time-hormones, body shifting, parts hurting, emotional crying fits-all part of it. You are not crazy and you certainly aren’t alone!
15. Buy postpartum clothes
16. Get out and get some exercise if you can. Fresh air and a small walk can lift your mood.
17. Establish a routine/schedule for your day. Even if you have no plans, create a routine.
18. It’s ok to cry. This should be #1. Crying helps us release. It’s healing and therapeutic.
19. Laugh a little. It’s helpful to see the humor in mother hood.
20. Celebrate the small victories-even if it’s just a shower or a good night’s rest!
21. It’s ok to obsess about your baby-to be smitten and to be terrified!



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