Mindfulness in the Morning-5 Tips for getting your day started right!

Woman doing yoga

As you wake up, see if you can notice how you are doing before you automatically jump out of bed. Take inventory: How does your body feel? Do you feel rested? What is your intention for the day? Do all of this before your feet even hit the floor.

In the shower, notice if your mind starts planning and thinking about the next thing. Notice if you can bring your attention to the moment and simply enjoy-reminding yourself that you have time.

Eating breakfast, notice if you can slow down your habit of eating fast and being distracted. Turn off the television, close the book or magazine, and focus on one thing-eating.

Walking can also be a way to bring in mindfulness. Notice your surroundings as you walk, allow your breath to deepen, pay attention to what you are seeing in the moment. Allow your planning mind to take a break. Try to walk in an area that might be more quiet and peaceful. If this is not possible, bring some soothing music to accompany you on your walk.

Before turning on your computer, reaching for your morning coffee, making that phone call, see if you can close your eyes, take a breath and do a quick snap shot inventory of what’s happening inside. This will allow you an opportunity to be more in touch with how you are feeling and more able to attend to your needs.

Even just taking a few moments in our day, can alter our experience of the world around us. It can slow us down and allow us to connect back to ourselves.



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