Spring Renewal: 6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Summer

No matter which part of the country you’re from, there’s a good chance that winter is old news to you.

Thankfully, the change of seasons is well on the way and you, like most people, are likely ready for a spring renewal.

Of course, it can be tough to transition smoothly from season to season. After all, the way you navigate life can differ vastly from one season to the next. Although, the shift from cold to warm is the most anticipated.

Mostly, this transition lets you relax a little more, embrace a sense of calm, and feed into positive anticipation.

Here’s how you can prepare for summer so you’re in tip-top mental shape.

1. Clear Out the Winter Fog

If you’re like most people, you probably have a harder time keeping upbeat during the winter months. The lack of sunshine can be a huge downer. Plus, holiday stress and colder temperatures often make it difficult to be positive.

But the end of winter offers a spring renewal that’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, you don’t have to work so hard to stay in a positive mood. Not that you let your mental guard down, but you can sort of ease up on the vigilance.

2. Reset Your Body and Mind

Summer tends to present more tranquility than any other season. Whether it’s the longer days, warmer breezes, or that “summer break” kind of attitude—summer just has a different feel to it.

Let this feeling of balanced control wash over you with its unique sense of calm. This mental sensation is really the ultimate spring renewal. Not only will it help to reset your body and mind, but it will get your summer experience off to a positive start.

3. Plan for the Unplanned Experiences

Although vacations, swimming pools, and summer gadgets can seem like the ultimate spring renewal, try a different approach this summer. While there’s nothing wrong with planning a vacation, avoid planning every little detail of your adventure. Open yourself up to new experiences and allow some space for unplanned fun in your schedule.

Also, focus on enjoying experiences and special moments rather than materials things. This simple mindfulness practice will add more meaning to your summer.

4. Answer the Season’s Call to Action

During the cold seasons, it can be challenging to get up and get moving. It’s not an uncommon feeling to want to snuggle up in a blanket rather than exercise or even go outdoors. But, the warm weather brings about a spring renewal in the form of action. In other words, these months are begging for you to start becoming more active.

You’ve likely grown tired of your regular fitness regime. So let the change in seasons inspire you to add something new to your routine and spruce it up.

5. Clear Out the Old

Spring cleaning isn’t a longstanding tradition simply because most houses need a thorough washing at the end of winter. Although that’s true, too.

Decluttering is actually a type of spring renewal all in itself. You can start by clearing out the things you haven’t used in a while, doing a closet clear-out, or getting rid of duplicate items. Clearing out things that have accumulated over the long winter months will help to invite peace into both your home and your mind.

6. Set Yourself Up for Success

Setting yourself up for success is mostly about acceptance. Accepting yourself is a renewal for all seasons, really.

To start, accept your body for the way it looks now. Accept that your bank account and your schedule probably won’t change too much during the warm months. And know that it’s okay.

Even with your normal life limitations, expect good things to happen and for life to present you with positive experiences.

If you’re ready to prepare yourself for a seasonal change, please contact me. We can work together to set and reach your therapeutic goals.



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